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Exhibiton: The 6nd China International Import Expo
展会时间:2023115- 1110
Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center
展会简介:中国国际进口博览会是中国政府坚定支持贸易自由化和经济全球化、主动向世界开放市场的重大举措,有利于促进世界各国加强经贸交流合作, 促进全球贸易和世界经济增长,推动开放型世界经济发展。
中国政府诚挚欢迎各国政要、工商界人士,以及参展商、专业采购商参展参会,拓展中国市场。我们愿同世界各国和国际组织一道, 努力把中国国际进口博览会打造成国际一流的博览会,为各国开展贸易、加强合作开辟新渠道,促进世界经济和贸易共同繁荣。

Exhibition profile: It is a significant move for the Chinese government to hold CIIE to give firm support to trade liberalization and economic globalization and actively open the Chinese market to the world. It facilitates countries and regions all over the world to strengthen economic cooperation and trade, and to promote global trade and world economic growth in order to make the world economy more open.
The Chinese government sincerely welcomes government officials, business communities, exhibitors and professional purchasers across the world to participate in CIIE and to explore the Chinese market. We would like to work with all countries, regions and international organizations to make CIIE a world-class Expo, providing new channels for countries and regions to do business, strengthen cooperation and promote common prosperity of the world economy and trade.conference too.